The Environment Agency (EA) are now out to consultation on FCC’s application for an Environmental Permit connected to their proposed Soil Treatment Facility at Danes Hill Landfill Site.

All the information is online at:

NOTE:- The closing date for comments is the 16th September.

This is a consultation on the EA permit and not the planning application for which the County Council is responsible for. Therefore, all comments and concerns should be directed to the Environment Agency.

You will recall that the earlier planning application consultation resulted in numerous concerns and objections – many were related to air emissions and health impacts. These are matters which are better considered by the EA as part of their regulatory role.  It is important those concerned about such pollution matters to use this opportunity to respond to the EA’s consultation.

Separately to the application for an Environmental Permit, the Planning Application is expected to come back to the County Council in due course – with an Environmental Impact Assessment. A further and full public consultation on that submission when it comes.

The applicant, FCC , will need both an Environmental Permit (from the EA) and Planning Permission (from NCC) to develop/operate the planned facility.

The EA consultation provides an additional route for the affected residents to raise their concerns.