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Everything you need to know about Neighbourhood Plans in Bassetlaw

Consultation and Public Notices

  • 2015-10   A questionnaire was sent with The Crier to all Lound residents by the Parish Council.  Parishioners were asked their opinions on various aspects of our village, their likes and dislikes, and what factors had a positive or negative impact upon their lives.
  • 2015-12  Lound Parish Council arranged an Open Meeting on 22nd. December …

Why Do One?

A Neighbourhood Plan enable communities to take a lead in producing part of the statutory plan for the area.

Crucially, these Neighbourhood Plans must be used to determine planning applications within our villages designated area.

A Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans is available here


Start Up

The Parish Council, following the response to an initial questionnaire sent round the village in The Cryer, agreed to support a group of volunteers (Steering Group) to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Village.

Steering Group

The group is made up of the following volunteers:

  • Andrew Perkins – Parish Council Member
  • Michael Naylor
  • Alan Beardsall
  • Pam Beardsall
  • Colin Beaumont
  • Karen Pollard (Management of ‘Dropbox’ archive)
  • Carol Green
  • Nick Prout

We always need help, so please come and join us as a volunteer


Define Planning Area

This was submitted by the Steering Group on 3rd May 2016.

Designation Application

This was submitted by the Steering Group on 3rd May 2016.

Designation Approval

Approval was given by Bassetlaw District Council Meeting on 30th May 2016.

Minutes of Meetings

Here are the minutes of all past Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meetings:


Residents’ Survey

In May/June 2016, the Steering Group compiled a more detailed survey to obtain the views of Lound residents.  They drew on the experiences of neighbouring parishes but more particularly the responses to the earlier Questionnaire.  During June 2016 there were 209 dwellings shown on the Electoral Roll in Lound Parish of which 7 were unoccupied.  …

Survey of Businesses, Clubs and Associations

In November 2016, 22 businesses, clubs and associations which operate within Lound Parish were contacted by Steering Group members and 21 agreed to participate in a survey.  Personal interviews were held with decision- makers or spokespersons  in each organisation wherever possible though a small minority were undertaken by telephone and email.  The Lound Neighbourhood Plan  …

Links to Planning Documents

The Lound Neighbourhood Plan has to be prepared in conjunction with the followiing documents: