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Linghurst Lakes – A brief summary of wild bird activity in 2017

With its mix of lakes, scrub, and woodland, Parish Park hosts a variety of bird species. Water birds include moorhen which raised broods of 2 & 4 and little grebe which fledged broods of 2 & 5. The common coot – the all black bird with a white beak and forehead managed to fledge clutches …

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Lound Bird Club Annual Spring Bird Walk

Lound Bird Club – Annual ‘Spring Bird Walk‘ around the Idle Valley NR led by Gary Hobson.

Meet at the Rural Learning Centre at Bellmoor at 8:00am on Sunday 3rd May. This will be a 4-5 hour circular walk from and back to the centre building taking in Bellmoor Pits, Bunker Wood, Tiln Wood, the Sheep Fields, Walters Lane past …

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