Dear Lound Resident,

You will probably have received one of three slightly different versions of a letter dated either 14th or 16th February, suggesting incorrectly that the 10 new houses (equivalent to a 5% increase), which are proposed in the Lound Neighbourhood Plan, are in addition to the 10 required by the Bassetlaw Local Plan.  This is not true.

The Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan in Policy ST2, paragraph 1, requires that Lound grows by 5%, which is equivalent to 10 additional dwellings.  Directly because of this requirement from Bassetlaw District Council, the Lound Neighbourhood Plan states at paragraph 182 “The Plan has been designed to deliver the 5% housing requirement for Lound as identified in the emerging Local Plan.”

This is to clarify that what is being proposed in our Neighbourhood Plan is 10 houses in total and not 20.  Under all circumstances, Bassetlaw District Council remains the Planning Authority.

Lound Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, 21st February 2022

Printed and Promoted by Lound Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group of Lound Village Hall, Town Street, Lound, Retford, Notts, DN22 8RX.

NOTE:- A flyer of the above information will be hand delivered to all Lound residents